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AdConnect – Never again will you have landing pages that DONT CONVERT AdConnect is the first of its kind ad funnel builder which take the guess work out of the equation. It allows you to copy anyone's landing page in seconds and make it yours by instantly customizing it without needing a designer or developer ever again. Never again will you have landing pages that DONT CONVERT. What Is AdConnect? DO NOT REINVENT THE WHEEL – MIMIC WHAT’S WORKING FOR OTHERS These days – that’s all too common. Every time I land on Facebook, I see this in my newsfeed. People are CRUSHING it with Facebook ads… selling training, software, physical products (shopify) – you name it! Now this can be quite inspiring, but if you are not there yet – this can be soul crushing too! What would you say to all those nay-sayers who doubted your success chances? So why is everyone suddenly SO successful? See – Facebook ads – with the right kind of offers – have become INSANELY profitable! But you need to find the right products and right ads to profit from it. And finding this isn’t easy. Then you have to mimic them (or be inspired by them). Mimicking someone perfectly isn’t easy either – you still need to spend on technology, design, copywriter and more. A new solution has been found to cut down the time and cost it takes to find HIGHLY profitable funnels and mimic them to make money. But here’s the problem: • Most people lack ideas for successful funnels • Most people don’t have the money to “experiment” • And most people don’t have time to create everything from scratch! So what if you can cut down the time to success from a few months to a few minutes? If you want to: • Save time doing repetitive work • Save money by running high converting ads to each landing page • Get more traffic to your offers! Then AdConnect will suit you perfectly. AdConnect is the first of its kind ad funnel builder which take the guess work out of the equation. It allows you to copy anyone's landing page in seconds and make it yours by instantly customizing it without needing a designer or developer ever again. Never again will you have landing pages that DONT CONVERT. You will be given a simple formula to copy and paste – to find high converting funnels, duplicate and succeed with them in 3-simple steps. How Does AdConnect Work? Special Features of AdConnect: • Advanced landing page WYSIWYG editor with all bells and whistles • LIVE Editor to preview changes in real-time • Proprietary Fast Multi-Version Editor generates up to 50 variations within minutes • Instantly download both original and edited versions to your computer • In-Built Style CSS and HTML Code Editor for advanced marketers • In-built short URL useful when running multiple ads • Detailed landing page reports • Tried and tested creative ad builder • 50 Ad-templates included • One-click ad download to your computer • Complete training on finding proven funnels along with ads • Newbie friendly and fully cloud-based Copy and use high converting product campaigns – they show you how Use sales pages directly to promote as an affiliate – make more money! Edit client’s website in real-time and score more contracts! Create unlimited variations of your landing pages with ready-to-go matching ads Edit Any Web Page In Real-Time With AdConnect – all you need to do is put in a URL, and unless the page has restrictions, you’ll be able to duplicate it and edit it in real-time. This way – you can make your own changes and see it reflect on the landing page in real time. WYSIWYG Editor AdConnect comes with in-built “what you see is what you get” editor – WYSIWYG, which means it is super-simple to make changes to any landing page of your choice. No need to learn complicated HTML or Javascript – you can edit this page without any coding knowledge. Instantly Download Your Version After you have done making changes (or even before), you can download the page to your computer and upload it to your website. And you can do the same with ads that you’ve created – running your profitable campaigns without expensive designers. Advanced HTML And CSS Editors For the advanced marketers among us (Steven is one of them), AdConnect comes with advanced HTML and CSS editors. Now you can change the look and feel of these pages with a few correctly placed changes – all at the push of a button! Integrated Photoshop Style Ad-Builder This super-easy ad builder uses layered technology just like photoshop and comes with many pre-installed fonts to use, as well as filters just like on Instagram. You can also use different in-build shapes and other figures. Ready To Go Ad Designs You can choose from their professionally designed ad templates in all sizes and shapes for all most popular ad networks. Easily edit the ads and download them to your computer to be used with your ads on your favorite ad platforms. Short Url For Each Version Each version you create within AdConnect will have a short URL that is unique to any ad that you create. You can use this to drive ads to specific pages that belong to you and track performance accordingly. This will work with your pages when you add AdConnect tags. Landing Page Analytics For any landing pages that you use within AdConnect – you will get a detailed report which will cover ad clicks, visitor information, stats per unique version created, monthly reports, top ad click referrers, top ad click countries. This is very useful demographic information for your future campaigns! Special – Bulk Multi-Version Editing Want to quickly create 10, 20, 50 or more versions of your landing page with just a different headline? Or different eCover? Or just different colored buy buttons? Our proprietary fast multi-version editor lets you do create bulk versions in a flash! How It Works: Step 1: SEARCH Use their training and your own research to find high converting funnels online, or use your own. Step 2: EDIT Quickly Load up the landing pages inside AdConnect and edit them using their proprietary editor. Step 3: PUBLISH Create ads and download the landing pages & ads to your computer, or dynamically load them! Why Should You Get AdConnect Now ? But Wait, They’ve Got Even More! If you thought AdConnect couldn’t get any better, they’ve got some limited-time bonuses for you for being a fast-action taker! This will allow you to go from ZERO to profit as fast as possible with AdConnect! However, you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does, these bonuses will NOT be available anymore. Exclusive Bonuses From AdConnect BONUS 01 Bonus webinar on 31st January 2017 On this webinar they’ll walk you through our proprietary method of finding ads and funnels that are converting and using them as inspiration with AdConnect. Not to be missed. BONUS 02 WP Engage Plus Plugin Easily Tap Into More Than 1,000,000 Copyright-Free, High-Quality Images Straight From The Admin Area Of Your WordPress Blog! BONUS 03 Web Copy that Sells Who else wants to discover how to write salesletters that will force your readers to buy now... This free yet power-packed report will show you exactly how to write a winning salesletter so you can make more sales and attract more option subscribers. In this report, you'll discover: How to structure your salesletter in a way that will make your prospects... BONUS 04 Traffic Autobahn Whether you are selling T-Shirts, digital products or affiliate product - driving traffic is a CRITICAL part of every business. They show you what’s working right now - and how you need to do it correctly so you don’t lose any money! BONUS 05 CopyFunnels (7 day trial for $1, $39 /monthly) Build Your 6-Figure Funnels Without Any Copywriting Knowledge Or Coding Skills. Create amazing sales, bonus, JV pages and even complete funnels in in just 3 simple steps. Conclusion You have 2 options right now… You can either continue to struggle and figure out what else you could do to “make this work in 2017”… …or you can join the AdConnect tribe and use PROVEN campaigns and model them to succeed. Remember – don’t reinvent the wheel! AdConnect has been created for you so you can get started with HIGHER chances of success. AdConnect, AdConnect review, AdConnect review and bonus, AdConnect reviews, AdConnect reviews and bonuses, AdConnect discount, AdConnect bonus, AdConnect bonuses, AdConnect review and discount, AdConnect review in detail, AdConnect ultimate review, AdConnect demo, AdConnect demo review, AdConnect huge discount, AdConnect discount coupon, AdConnect download, Get AdConnect, AdConnect review demo and bonus,AdConnect, AdConnect review, AdConnect review and bonus, AdConnect reviews,


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